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Working papers and policy documents

On this webpage you will find working papers and policy documents on transnational cooperation.

Non Paper "The added value of transnational cooperation for regions that are more resilient Impulses for the programming of Interreg B 2021-2027", September 2020
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Transnational Interreg programmes with German participation: the future programme geographies, February 2019
Download (PDF, 734KB, File meets accessibility standards)

Working paper "Potentials for further improvement of transnational Interreg Programmes post 2020 - some practical suggestions", January 2018
Download (PDF, 498KB, File meets accessibility standards)

Working Paper on the Evolution of Interreg B 2020+, July 2017
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Joint statement by the German government and the German Länder on EU Cohesion Policy beyond 2020, October 2016
Joint statement

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