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Europe connected – transnational cooperation lives on networking. On this page you will find important links concerning transnational cooperation in general, concerning the cooperation areas with German participation and concerning information provided by the BBSR.

Cooperation areas

Alpine Space

Alpine Space Programme 2021–2027
Interreg Alpine Space 2021–2027

Alpine Space Contact Point Germany (ACP) (in German)
Alpenraumprogramm Deutschland

Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Sea Region Programme 2021-2027
Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Central Europe

Central Europe Programme 2021-2027
Interreg Central Europe 2021–2027

Central Europe Programme 2014-2020
Interreg Central Europe 2014-2020

German Contact Point (in German)
CENTRAL EUROPE Contact Point Germany

Danube Region

Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020
Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020

North Sea Region

Interreg North Sea Programme 2021-2027
Interreg North Sea 2021-2027

Interreg North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020
Interreg North Sea Region 2014 - 2020

Interreg IV B North Sea Region Programme Secretariat
INTERREG IV B North Sea Region Programme

National Contact Point (NCP) Germany (in German)
Interreg Nordseeprogramm – Deutsches Beratungsnetzwerk

North-West Europe (NWE)

Interreg North-West Europe Programme 2014-2020
Interreg North-West Europe 2014-2020

German Contact Point (in German)

Federal states

Baden-Württemberg (in German)
Interreg B in Baden-Württemberg

Bavaria (in German)
Interreg B in Bayern

Berlin (in German)
Interreg B in Berlin

Interreg B in Brandenburg

Hamburg (in German)
Interreg B in Hamburg

Hessen (in German)
Interreg B in Hessen

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (in German)
Interreg B in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Lower Saxony (in German)
Interreg B in Niedersachsen

Nordrhein-Westfalen (in German)
Interreg B in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Rhineland-Palatinate (in German)
Interreg B in Rheinland-Pfalz

Saxony-Anhalt (in German)
Interreg B in Sachsen-Anhalt

Saarland (in German)
Interreg B im Saarland

Sachsen (in German)
Interreg B in Sachsen

Schleswig-Holstein(in German)
Interreg B in Schleswig-Holstein

Information by the BBSR

Federal Transnational Cooperation Programme
Additional national funding

Implementing the Territorial Agenda 2030 – local pilot actions and transfer of results at national and European level
(MORO study)
Implementing the Territorial Agenda 2030- BBSR website

Support to the revision of the Territorial Agenda
(MORO study)
Revision Territorial Agenda 2020- BBSR website

Interreg: Spatial effects of transnational cooperation and their measurability
(MORO study)
Spatial effects - BBSR website

European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation–support during the preparation phase
(MORO study)
EGTC preparation phase - BBSR website

Competition: Networking successfully in Europe – jointly shaping cities and regions
(MORO study)
Networking successfully - BBSR website

Investigation of selected Interreg IV B projects for impacts achieved and central success factors
(General Departmental Research)
Impacts Interreg IV B projects - BBSR website

Application of European model solutions in German regions
(MORO initiative)
Application model solutions - BBSR website

European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation - disseminating and increasing experience
(MORO study)
EGTC disseminating - BBSR website

Pilot study - Benefits of considering spatial interests in sectoral policies using the example of the Integrated Maritime Policy
(General Departmental Research)
Maritime Policy - BBSR website

Thematic analysis of transnational cooperation: small and medium-sized enterprises as target groups of a spatially oriented policy
(MORO study)
SME - BBSR website

Thematic analysis of transnational cooperation; part A: green and blue growth
(MORO study)
Green and blue growth - BBSR website

Implementing the Territorial Agenda 2020: impacts of European sector policies in selected model regions - enhancing regional potentials in the context of further developing the TEN-T--trans-European transport network
(MORO study)
TEN-T - BBSR website

Potentials for transnational and cross-border partnerships by means of EGTC
(MORO study)
EGTC potentials- BBSR website

Consultation process to draft the new Interreg programmes
(MORO study)
Consultation process - BBSR website

The Europe 2020 Strategy - implementation and effects in German regions
(General Departmental Research)
Europe 2020 Strategy - BBSR website

How transnational projects contribute to implementing the Territorial Agenda of the European Union (topic "Mobility and Transport")
(MORO study)
How transnational projects contribute (Mobility and Transport) - BBSR website

The territorial dimension of future EU cohesion policy
(General Departmental Research)
The territorial dimension - BBSR website

Public-private partnerships in transnational cooperation - possibilities and limitations
(General Departmental Research)
Public-private partnerships - BBSR website

Future strategies for European spatial development policy
(General Departmental Research)
Future strategies - BBSR website

How transnational projects contribute to implementing the Territorial Agenda of the European Union in Germany
(MORO study)
How transnational projects contribute - BBSR website

Preparation of strategic projects of transnational cooperation
(MORO study)
Preparation of strategic projects - BBSR website

Analysis of the impacts, benefit and implementation of INTERREG III B projects
(MORO study)
Analysis of the impacts - BBSR website

European policy of territorial cohesion - European legal framework and national implementation
(General Departmental Research)
European policy of territorial cohesion - BBSR website

Cross-border cooperations to support an interconnected developing region in Central Europe
(Development of Eastern Germany)
Cross-border cooperations - BBSR website


Cooperation between regions and countries

INTERACT website

Interreg translation glossary (Interact)
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