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Mobility and transport

Urban mobility plays an important role in achieving a green, climate-neutral Europe. Topics such as alternative fuels, e-mobility, multimodal connections between urban and rural areas, climate-neutral and smart mobility management are therefore important. Central Europe also concentrates on improving the transport links between rural and peripheral regions.

How do municipalities and regions become sustainably mobile with Interreg B?

Wortwolke Mobilität und Verkehr, Quelle: BBSR

Mobility has a major impact on people's quality of life in all regions of Europe. In rural areas, transport links help to decide whether services of general interest such as schools, hospitals and theatres can be reached, whether people can easily commute to their workplaces and whether companies can settle. In large cities, smooth public transport, short distances with extended footpaths and cycle paths as well as convenient transfer options help to create public spaces with high quality of stay. The transport sector continues to be a major contributor to climate change, air pollution, noise and surface sealing.

The transformation towards green mobility must be well-shaped so that the potentials become effective for all citizens. The programme areas make it possible to consider transport interdependencies in a broader context such as the congestion of narrow Alpine valleys or the accessibility of remote regions in sparsely populated areas in Central Europe. The Interreg B programmes are well qualified to address the challenges faced by regions and cities in shaping green mobility:

  • Better access to transport in rural and peripheral regions
  • Promoting sustainable multimodal urban mobility
  • Increased use of renewable energies for transport and mobility

In the current 2021 – 2027 programming period, the Interreg B programme areas with German participation promote sustainable mobility with different priorities in the context of the topic “a green, climate-neutral Europe”. The Central Europe programme area has chosen the topic “a better connected Europe” as an individual priority. All programmes support strategies and pilot actions, concepts and solutions that make cities and regions mobile and accessible in the long term.

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