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Energy and climate change

In order to achieve the energy transition towards climate neutrality in the EU, energy saving and efficiency, the promotion of renewable energies, smart city approaches and the promotion of smart energy systems are priorities of transnational cooperation. Adaptation to climate change and strengthening resilience to the risks of climate change are also addressed.

How can cities and regions advance the energy transition with Interreg B and become climate-neutral?

Wortwolke Energie und Klimawandel, Quelle: BBSR

“Green transformation” is in full swing and has an effect on all areas of life and work. Energy can be used more efficiently at home or in large institutions, conventional energy sources are increasingly being replaced by renewable energies. Cities and regions are implementing measures to become climate-neutral. Regional strategies for realising a circular economy play an important role in this. Rural areas can contribute to the climate by greening agriculture or restoring ecosystems and natural landscapes. The construction industry has the opportunity not only to save energy by refurbishing buildings energy-efficiently, but also to create green jobs in the sector.

The green transformation must be well-shaped so that the potentials become effective for all citizens. The “Green Deal” reaffirms the realisation that tackling climate and energy challenges is the decisive task of this generation. The Interreg B programmes are well qualified to address the challenges faced by regions and cities in shaping a green transformation:

  • Energy efficiency in different sectors (e.g. housing and public buildings, transport or mobility)
  • Supporting decentralised approaches to renewable energies
  • Resilience to the risks of climate change
  • Regional circular economy strategies: development and piloting

The topic “a green and climate-neutral Europe” will be funded by all six transnational programmes with German participation with partly different priorities in the current 2021 – 2027 programming period. All programmes support strategies and pilot actions, climate action plans and local adaptation measures, circular approaches and projects that advance the energy transition and make cities and regions climate-neutral.

More information:

For good examples of the topic “energy and climate change”, please have a look at Projekte (in German).

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