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The "Service" section provides contacts, publications, downloads and links concerning transnational cooperation from 2014. In this section, you can also subscribe to the Interreg B Journal and to the Interreg B-Newsletter of the BBSR.

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The Interreg programmes serve cooperation. Communication is decisive for the success of projects. This is why all relevant German contacts will be listed in the following.


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In order to derive the most benefit from transnational cooperation, a supporting research and a transfer of results to the public are essential. In the following, you will find publications of the BBSR and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community on transnational cooperation as well as programme and official documents such as the Structural Funds regulations.


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Information and pictures

On this page you will find figures, data and facts about transnational cooperation. In order to spoil the eyes, you will also find general, programme area and thematic maps as well as logos.


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Journal and Newsletter

Compact information: Do you wish to be informed about jobs, events and other news in the context of transnational cooperation? Then you are invited to subscribe to the Interreg B Newsletter. The Interreg B Journal informs in more detail about current developments and interesting projects.


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Europe connected - transnational cooperation lives on networking. On this page you will find important links concerning transnational cooperation in general, concerning the cooperation areas with German participation and concerning information provided by the BBSR.


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