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The following publications are only partly available as downloads. In the other cases, the links will refer you to relevant addresses where to order the publications.

European transport corridors and regional development. Informationen zur Raumentwicklung 7/8.2012, BBSR (ed.), Bonn 2012 (in German with English abstracts)
IzR 7/8.2012 - BBSR website

Territorial cohesion in future EU cohesion policy. Forschungen 156, BMVBS (ed.), Berlin 2012 (in English and German)
Forschungen 156 - BBSR website

Transnational cooperation in Europe - the German INTERREG B experience. TransCoop 2009/Transnationale Zusammenarbeit in Europa - die deutschen INTERREG B-Erfahrungen. TransCoop 2009. Berichte, Issue 32, BBSR (ed.), Bonn 2009 (English/German)
Berichte Issue 32 - BBSR website

Impacts and Benefits of Transnational Projects (INTERREG III B). Forschungen, Heft 138, BMVBS/BBR (ed.), Bonn 2009 (in English and German)
Forschungen 138 - BBSR website

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