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25 Jahre Interreg: machen Sie mit!

Datum 18.05.2015


Nähere Informationen finden Sie hier (Original-E-Mail des INTERACT-Teams in Englisch):

Show your creativity and achievements with a poster illustrating your programme since its creation. The themes and the methods of representation/production are totally free (painting, collage, drawing, printed or original work, etc). The only limitation is the format: an A00/2A0 (1189x1682) or A0 (841x1189) and in 2D. The method of realisation of this poster is fully in the hands of the programme. This is not a competition.

The exhitibion will take place during the conference; we are also investigating options for a longer durability (e.g. exhibition elsewhere after the conference, online exhibition, etc). Programmes are also responsible for sending the poster to the venue. The practical details are still being finalised, we will share the address to send as soon as possible, however, the poster should arrive to the venue latest by 10 September 2015. In order to facilitate the preparation of this exhibition, we also ask the programme to inform their INTERACT Point of their participation to this exhibition.


Project Slam

Details finden Sie auf der folgenden Webseite des INTERACT-Programms (in Englisch):
Interreg 25 years Project Slam: Call for proposal

Die Ausschreibung läuft bis zum 20. Mai 2015 mittags (12:00 MEZ).


Nähere Informationen zum finden Sie auf dieser Webseite des INTERACT-Programms (in Englisch):
Interreg 25 years Slogan contest for Interreg

Der Wettbewerb läuft vom 1. - 31. Mai 2015.

Weitere Informationen zur Feier anlässlich des 25-jähirgen Bestehens von INTERREG insgesamt sowie eine Anmeldemöglichkeit finden Sie unter Aktuelles.